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[ShARE] Joint Presentation with Portugual

"Business Opportunities in Portugal and Switzerland"
Thursday 24th April 17h in room CO124

The story:
A mysterious wealthy investor wants to invest in Europe. After his primary analysis, he narrowed down his choices to 2 countries: Switzerland or Portugal?

The case:
We represent the Swiss team and we want to convince this investor to come spend his money in Switzerland. Therefore, we must provide him the elements that will show the attractiveness of our beloved country.

The plan:

  1. We will introduce the Swiss Economy landscape to give a solid basis of knowledge about the specifics of our country. A lot of numbers ahead? .
  2. We will analyze 5 types of companies present in the Swiss Business Environment, their impact and success:

    • Small & Medium-sized (PME)
    • Private vs Public
    • M&A
    • Multinational

  3. An investor always wants to be the first on new things: we will present the expanding industries in Switzerland. Money to make vs risk to take? .
  4. Solid industries always inspire confidence and assurance. This is when we will present the major and most profitable industries in Switzerland.
  5. The bottom line is: why Switzerland? Here is a list of reasons, in addition to the swiss scenery, for an investor to come here.

Posted by Nébil Mansour on Thursday 24 April 2008 at 1:31