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Project Developing Countries Group
Micro credit. One of the so-called buzzwords of the last few years. However, little is it realised that this concept has been around since at least 1974, when it was first introduced by a Chittagong Economics professor by the name of Muhammad Yunus in a little village of Bangladesh. From there it has expanded and the concept had evolved to include Microfinance and Micro insurance as well. What we as students in the Developing countries group would like to do is explore the practical implementation of these concepts in a developing country environment. The project is surely open for discussion and new and innovative ideas. So all comment and criticism is welcome since you dare to ShARE.
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ShARE Global Recruitment
Have you ever managed a team of 500 people from more than 10 nationalities?
Have you ever managed a project running in 3 countries simultaneously with
more than 30 members and worked with experts from the most respected and
best known Organizations?

Take a turn in your life, grasp this opportunity, and become a global leader
in the most upcoming International Student's Organization.

In less than 4 years, ShARE (www.share-economy.org), an International
Organization for students and researchers set up in China, is now composed
of more than 500 members from 13 prestigious universities in Asia and
Europe, working on projects with world class companies and Organizations
(UN, OECD,...).

We are launching a simultaneous global recruitment campaign in China, India,
Korea, and Europe to recruit the future global leaders of our organization.

Positions opened for ShARE-Campus:

--> in charge of meeting the goals set by the board of ShARE-Campus
2.Vice President (Collaboration & Project)
--> in charge of enhancing the collaboration within teams and
--> coordination
of our international projects
3.Vice President (Operations)
--> in charge of monitoring the activities of all teams
4. Vice President Europe
5. Vice President Asia
6. President China
7. President India

8. Head marketing
9. Head IT
10. Head Human Resource
11. Head Training
12. Head Public Relation
13. Head Development
14. Head Knowledge (for PhD only)

Term: 6 months

++ At least a 3rd year student of a bachelor degree in one of the
universities where ShARE is present.
++ At least 10 hours per week to be spent on ShARE.
++ A proven experience in organization & project management.

Application process:
Send your CV and a motivation letter (stating why you want to take the
position and why you are the right person to take it) to Joseph Gomes,
joseph.gomes@share-economy.org, (you can apply to maximum 4 positions.

Deadline: 3rd October 2006.

For your information, our former managers have been recruited by world class
companies such as Mc Kinsey, BCG, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup,....
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Visite de l'UNDP
ChèrEs étudiantEs

En plus de la conférence que ShARE organisera le lundi 22 Mai sur le thème de l'énergie, notre association organise une visite de l'UNDP (United Nations Development Program) à Genève le Lundi 22 Mai, au matin. Cette visite comprend le programme visible à l'adresse suivante.

Alors n'hésitez plus, c'est une opportunité unique pour découvrir les rouages de cette organisation, et entrer directement en contact avec des fonctionnaires de l'ONU. Et promis, vous serez rentré pour les cours à 14h.
Mais attention le nombre de place est limité à 30 étudiants, il reste donc une quinzaine de places pour vous.
Si par ailleurs vous aviez une voiture, nous avons aussi besoin de votre aide pour faire du co-voiturage (vos frais d'essence seront remboursés)

Pour vous inscrire, envoyez juste un mail à thomas.frendo@epfl.ch, en précisant si vous avez une voiture ou non.

En espèrant vous voir nous accompagner

Pour ShARE


Dear Students,

In addition to the conference that ShARE will organise monday the 22 May on the thematic of Energy, our association is organising a visit of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) in Geneva the Monday 22th May, in the morning. This visit will follow this program.

I hope you understood that it is an unique opportunity to discover how this organization is working, and to meet with people from the UN. And don't worry, you'll be back for your lessons for 14h.
But hurry, the nombre of seats are limited to 30, there is approximatly 15 seats for you !

to suscribe, just send an email to thomas.frendo@epfl.ch!

We hope to see you there,

Pour ShARE,
Posted by Thomas Frendo at 23:31
European Team Building Program
Hi all,

Here is the updated program of the Seminar. The visit of the UNDP is confirmed. All the activities will stay the same, but could be slightly rescheduled for convenience.

Posted by François Helg at 11:13
Short presentation
Hi everybody,

I put the short presentation we have made for the association day here.
See you soon

Posted by François Helg at 20:25
Looking for a Webmaster
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is the document presenting the IT Manager job in details.

So, if you are interested by creating a dynamic website from scratch for our association, please read the attached document and write an e-mail to francois.helg@epfl.ch. Describe your motivation and your experience. I will read all responses with interest.

You can write both in French or English.

I hope to see you soon among us dear webmaster.

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European Team Building Program
Hello everybody,

Here is the program of the European Team Building. Some of the
activities are still under negotiation and therefore please read the
attached document as an overview of the activites. (Some of them could
be rescheduled).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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ShARE international Seminar
Dear all,

please find attached the brochure of the seminar and the sponsoring proposal.
Your are free to contact as many sponsors as you want for you to come !

Our team has already contacted 10 companies yesterday with positive and negative answers. If every team does the same (6h for two people), this seminar will host 100 members and not only 50 ! :)


Posted by Thomas Frendo at 12:43
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Digital divide: stakes, consequences in developing countries, and solutions for Africa!

Vous êtes intéressés au sort des pays en voie de développement ?
Vous cherchez un moyen de vous investir utilement pour l'avenir de ces pays ?
Vous aimeriez comprendre quels sont les enjeux du développement des
technologies numérique, en Afrique et ailleurs ?
Vous souhaitez rencontrer des personnes travaillant dans des organisations
ayant fait leurs preuves dans le domaine ?

Alors venez, le mardi 17 janvier à 18h15, en CO1 suivre la conférence organisée par
ShARE sur le thême " La fracture numérique: enjeux, conséquences et
solutions en Afrique !"

Les intervenants proviennent trois organisations différentes :
M. Ponder, de l'Union Internationale des Técommunications ( http://www.itu.org )
M. Dagoui, président d'Africagora (http://www.africagora.org/)
M. Blanche, d'ACPNumérique (http://www.acpnumerique.com/).
Ces personnes se déplacent de Genève et Paris pour participer à cette conférence.

Etudiants, doctorants, cadres, professeurs, vous êtes tous conviés au
CO1 à nous rejoindre lors de cette manifestation, et rester discuter avec les
conférenciers lors du buffet Africain qui suivra la conférence.

Vous trouverez plus de détails sur cette présentation ci dessous

En espérant vous voir nombreux,


Le comite Information Technology

PS: pour avoir plus d'informations sur ShARE : http://share-economy.org et


Are you interested in the future of emerging countries ?
Are you looking for a way to pro-actively participate in their development?
Would you like to learn what are the challenges involving the development of digital technologies, in Africa and elsewhere?
You wouldn't mind meeting people from organisations that are active and renowned in the aforementionned domains?

Then come with us on Tuesday, January 17th, at 18:15, in the CO1 auditorium, to attend to the conference which will be about
"Digital divide: stakes, consequences, and solutions for Africa !"

Spokesmen come from 3 different organizations:
M. Ponder, from the International Telecommunications Union ( http://www.itu.org )
M. Dagoui, chairman of Africagora (http://www.africagora.org/)
M. Blanche, from Digital ACP (http://www.acpnumerique.com/).
Those people come from Geneva and Paris in order to participate to the conference.

Students, PhDs, Professors, you are all kindly invited in the CO1 auditorium to attend to this event, and to stay for a chat with the speakers, while enjoying the African buffet that will follow the presentations and debate.

Please find more details about this conference in the files just below.

Hoping to see you on Tuesday,

The Information Technology team

PS: for more info on ShARE : http://share-economy.org and http://share.epfl.ch "Digital divide: stakes, consequences, and solutions for Africa !"
Posted by Thomas Frendo at 13:58
ShARE Seminar
Dear all,

As you should know we had an international seminar in Shanghai in december, attached you will find some pictures of it and the program we have been through!

First one: Presentation by Niroshan of the groups of ShARE-EPFL

Second one:
Olaf Grief president of ShARE-Research held a presentation about EU-China relation. ShARE-Research is recruiting PHD students to hold this kind of seminar and help the campus team. More information in late january.

Third one: Photo taken at the business training session. Conclusion is
collaboration is the best way to succeed

Fourth one: Photo taken during the Korean Night

and the others!
Posted by Thomas Frendo at 23:49
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