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Welcome to the Linear Models course blog!

Welcome to the blog of the Linear Models course! This blog is meant as a discussion forum for the students of the course and as a communications channel between the students and the course staff. Whenever you have a question about the contents of the course, feel free to post it to the blog and whenever you believe you could help the others, feel free to contribute to the discussion. You may ask, either in French or in English, about the lecture materials, the theory exercises or the practicals. You may also post tips and tricks related to regression analysis, R, Latex,... Anything you think other students of the course might find useful! You'll find below some examples of this from last year.

We would especially like to encourage you to try to help your fellow course mates by answering their questions and explaining confusing concepts. Explaining to others is one of the best ways of learning yourself! Your contributions to the blog will under no circumstances affect negatively your grade. On the contrary, by contributing to the blog, you are likely to learn more and hence achieve a better final grade.

We count on your contributions to make this blog an active forum of discussion and hope that you'll find it a useful tool in your learning process!

Posted by Mikael Kuusela on Sunday 22 September 2013 at 18:09