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Exercise 4 #2

For the second problem in Exercise set 4, is it right to use the table of "cement heat evolution" from the lecture slide?

I wonder why we have only three variables for x's: x1, x2, and x3. 

To be more specific, what are x's in this case?

There might be something I misunderstand, but I hope someone would be able to help me.

Posted by Sungyeon Hong on Sunday 20 October 2013 at 16:50
The table given in the exercise sheet is for the cement data of the lecture slides. In the lecture slides, all four concentrations are used as explanatory variables, while in the exercise sheet only the first three are used. This still gives a reasonable fit to the data. You should solve the exercise for the model with three explanatory variables. You don't need the tables from the lecture slides, all relevant information is given in the table that is in the exercise sheet.
Posted by Mikael Kuusela on Sunday 20 October 2013 at 18:37