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SMAT - Linear Models Course

Fisher information



I have a question about the exercise 1 of serie 12. I don't really understand why the variance is the inverse of the fisher information?





Posted by Jad Abou-Moussa at 20:41
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Exercice 2 Série 7

I just want to know if for the a) the equality is a true equality or an equality with constant.

Thank you.


Posted by Jad Abou-Moussa at 16:40
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Exercise set 6

I have almost done with showing the other parts, but I am struggling with the last part of the third one to deduce the relationship between beta and beta hat.

I would be grateful if anyone can give me a piece of help to make me proceed on.

Posted by Sungyeon Hong at 0:56
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Vertical projection and orthogonal projection?

The lecture note remarks that they are different, but could anyone explain about their difference exactly?

Posted by Sungyeon Hong at 17:46
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In exercise set 2

Despite the kind explanations in the answer sheet, I am not sure how to calculate the part (a) of the 4th exercise. 

Could you let me know some more detail?

Posted by Sungyeon Hong at 16:35
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In the exercise set 5

For the parts (a) and (b) in the 4th exercise of set 5, I have to describe the first p elements and the rest (n-p) elements of each fixed value \hat{\tilde{y}} and I have done computing it, but I am afraid if I do not have any idea of how to describe them.

And for the part (c), could anyone help a bit more for me to think further on?

Posted by Sungyeon Hong at 0:06
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Exercise 4 #2

For the second problem in Exercise set 4, is it right to use the table of "cement heat evolution" from the lecture slide?

I wonder why we have only three variables for x's: x1, x2, and x3. 

To be more specific, what are x's in this case?

There might be something I misunderstand, but I hope someone would be able to help me.

Posted by Sungyeon Hong at 16:50
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Regarding the problem 1(d) in Exercise Set 3

Hi, I have been solving the homework problem 1 from Exercise Set 3, but I am not sure what I am going to use to prove the last part (d).

Is everyone doing well with this?

Posted by Sungyeon Hong at 21:53
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