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Enterprise strategy

Final Presentation

Hey guys,

I am uploading the presentation, if you want to have it.

Cheers and thanks for being there today! 

Posted by Ulugbek Kamilov at 21:28
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Version 2.0 of our report out

Hi guys,

I'm proud to post here the version 2.0 of our report. The result is great, good job !

I corrected all the mistakes , and added 4 lignes about the legal part: Basically our company will be an S.A.R.L (See Financing part, last chapter)

If you can please go throught it once very fast and see that everything is ok.

Ul, feel free to send the report to Délia as soon as you can.







Posted by Achraf Tangui at 21:52
2nd update

fixed various errors and inconsistancies.

Posted by Kazim Rehman at 14:27
Update to the report

Added some corrections to the report.

Note: Deadline for the final report is on this Friday, April 30.

If you have some correction please do them before Thursday. On Thursday morning I will send the report to Delia.


Posted by Ulugbek Kamilov at 20:27
latest version

Hi everyone,

The new version has the changes as requested by Felix.


Posted by Kazim Rehman at 10:04
Version to be submitted

Hi All,

I updated the report adding my pictures and transforming bulletpoints to tables.

Ul you can send it now I suppose !


thank you all for your work, and Ul for reviewing the report.



Posted by Achraf Tangui at 18:43
new update

Hello all,

Here's the latest version. What has changed:

- added the bonus system

- modified graphs

- went back to docx format


Note to the next person modifying the document: Don't save it as .doc format use the current .docx format! Changing the format results in the loss of invisible document information. For example all the charts that I had inserted as excel documents were now plain images so I had to redo them all to make minor changes. Same goes for the general structure of the document.


Things I've noticed that need to be fixed or explained:

- The header on all pages says "Project Planning", I think it should be "Business Plan"

- The table of contents are after the introduction page. I don't think that's normal.

- Peyman's biography is different from the rest because all the descriptive text is in a text box.


In note to Bek's comment on the "sort things out between Peyman and me"... I think it's obvious from our last meeting that we are at an impass because Peyman's sees the 5-forces model as a competing model to the SWOT model. Me I see them as complementary models where one model looks at the industry and the other model at a single business. We can discuss the issue again at the next meeting with everyone.

Otherwise, I think we can send the report as 1st draft as is and meet up this week to discuss what needs to be changed. For that everyone will have to read the whole report (something that should have been done weeks ago) and bring useful comments. By the way who is the next week's meeting planner?

See you all soon.



Posted by Kazim Rehman at 18:17
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SHS last version


Posted by Peyman Safarzadeh-Samarghandian at 0:31

shs repport

Posted by Hamidreza Khadem at 18:19
latest update

The desing of the Mgmt Team section is changed as requested.

UL you did a great job by putting these different parts together. But I think the Mgmt team part is not as bad as you stated in the blog. I'm always glad to hear constructive critique, but it doesn't help me if you just say the whole part is funny or makes

no sense. Please be more specific... There were several possibilities to express your concerns during the weekly meetings

and there is no need to drag my part publicly into the mud.

I think the biographies that are already there, are short and describe the necessary facts. You are right, that they are

not yet complete, but you also inserted you biography after the internal deadline.  

I will remind the late followers to submit their biographies and will look, that it's complete before the next deadline.


Posted by Felix Huguenin-Virchaux at 11:32
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