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SV community TF Report - General


SV-Scientific Community Task Force Report

Excellence through intellectual fusion and innovative collaborations”
Members of the Task Force : Hilal A. Lashuel, Melody Swartz, Cathrin Brisken, John D. McKinney, and Joachim Lingner
To enhance the academic and scientific scholarship within the faculty of life sciences, it is essential that we work closely to develop a coherent vision, coordinated strategy and a sense of common purpose among the entire constituent in SV (Faculty, students, post-doctoral, senior scientists and research staff). This will require a multifaceted approach and concerted efforts by all members of the SV faculty.
To work towards this goal, the Dean has mandated this Task Force to suggest a series of proposals to improve the coherence across our SV faculty as one community.
Scientific Interactions/Collaborations
The task force met on February the 26th to discuss various mechanisms/initiatives to promote scientific interactions and collaborations and would like to share some of the emerging ideas with you for your feedback and input (to be inserted under 'Commentaires' below each item, please). 
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