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IBI postdoc club

A cool suggestion for the next get-together, end of October 2012

from Sachiko Hirosue:

I have an idea for the first event, and I can host it with networking games - "meet the new IBI director";

we will ask him/her the vision for IBI, the challenges, the strengths of IBI...

and then we break up into small groups and ask people to come up with 1 question or 1 request for the new IBI Director that is relevant to the postdoc life.

Or something like this -

End of October, with alcohol...

Posted by Dietrich Reinhard at 23:38
First meet-up

With an email call from Dietrich, about 20 of us came by over 2 hour or so, standing around with some wine and cheese to discuss what it is that could bring the IBI post-docs together as a community.

Why do we need a community?

  • to have a network of peers
  • to be able to ask an expert about experiments
  • to get to know people outside of the lab


How should we make this happen?

We started out discussing whether a seminar series would be interesting. But then, some of us thought that seminars are not always "community building", and we have enough of them already.

Some of the ideas that were mentioned included:

  • Creating a LinkedIn group for networking (even after leaving the EPFL), wiki and blog for sharing relevant info
  • Seminars (short, interactive, Tedx like, pizza & beers after the seminar for socializing; other proposed formats could be -at least once in a while- engineer/biologist tandem talks, chalk-on-blackboard talks...)
  • Practice job-talks
  • Alumni talks (what are recently former post-docs from IBI doing now?)
  • Ice-breaking games (e.g. Pub Quiz)
  • Career workshops (how to write a CV or a grant, how to navigate the EU Grant system, alternative career choices)
  • Social events (A post-doc welcome to EPFL apéro)
  • An online presence (this is where this blog, the wiki, and the LinkedIn group comes in)
  • An active calendar of events
  • Post a list of IBI postdocs on the web, showing in a few keywords the field of expertise/competence
  • Organize symposia with speakers invited and hosted by IBI postdocs


Many ideas, of course, came after the big campfire circle of introduction, when we officially "ended", and then stayed around to help ourselves to more drinks.

Some people came and left, so we don't have everyone on the picture, and blame it on the iphone that the picture is blurry!


Next steps:

  • Create the LinkedIn group (done), wiki (done) and blog (done)
  • Organize another get-together end of October 2012 to get more people on board (each of us could get 2-3 more to join and then we're already a good crowd)
Posted by Sachiko Hirosue at 20:58