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TCL News

[May '13] Keynote at SSoCC 2013

A. Burg gives a Keynote presentation at the Swedish System-on-Chip Conference in Ystad, Sweden discussing Challenges, Solutions, and Alternatives to SRAM for the Design of Embedded Memories.

Posted by Andreas Peter Burg at 20:22
[Jan '13] Keynote at FETCH 2013

Near- and Sub-Threshold Design for Ultra-Low-Power Embedded Systems

A. Burg delivers a keynote at the FETCH 2013 conference in Leysin, Vaud, Switzerland, discussing various aspects of ULP circuit and system design, including application specific processors, multicore architectures, and standard-cell-based sub-VT memories.

Abstract and slides are available online.

Posted by Andreas Peter Burg at 0:12
[Jun '12] Tutorial on MIMO at IEEE Summer School

A. Burg delivers a tutorial on "MIMO Receivers: from Algorithms to VLSI Architectures" at the IEEE Signal Processing Society Summer School on Compressive Sensing and MIMO Signal Processing Systems to be held at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 2nd through July 6th, 2012.

Posted by Andreas Peter Burg at 9:39
[May '12] Paper accepted in DAC 2012

The paper by G. Karakonstantis entitled " On the Exploitation of the Inherent Error Resilience of Wireless Systems under Unreliable Silicon" has been accepted at the prestigious 2012 Design Automation Conference (DAC) and is going to be presented on June 6, 2012 in San Francisco.

Posted by Georgios Karakonstantis at 12:26
[Apr '12] Keynote at IWSSIP 2012

From Marconi to Moore: Circuits and Systems for Communications - Still a Challenge?

A. Burg delivers a keynote at the IWSSIP 2012 conference in Vienna, describing current trends and future challenges in circuits and systems research for communications.

Abstract and presentation slide are available online.

Posted by Andreas Peter Burg at 16:30
[Jan '12] Beyond the Brick Wall of Complexity: Design Technologies for a New Era

Nano-Tera Workshop
Program and Registration: Website

Date: 16. - 20.01.2012, Room: BC 01

Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:59
[Oct '11] Talks from University of Thessaly

"Massively Parallel Programming Models Used as Hardware Description Languages: The OpenCL Case"

"Reliable Computing on Faulty Substrates: A Preliminary Study"

Prof. Nikos Bellas, Prof Christos Antonopoulos, University of Thessaly
Date: 13.10.2011 at 11:00, Room: INJ 218

Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:51
[Jun '11] Visit of Prof. Joseph Cavallaro

TCL will have the pleasure to host Prof. Joseph Cavallaro between June 20th to June 24th during the EE Summer Research Venue.

You can attend his talk on Monday, June 20th:
"Algorithms, Architectures, and Testbeds for Wireless Communication Systems"
Date: 20.06.2011 at 11:00, Room: SG0211

Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:41
[Mar '11] High Density On-Chip Memories for Future Processors

Prof. Kaushik Roy, Purdue University

Date: 28.03.2011 at 15:00, Room: ELA2
organized by TCL

Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:36
[Mar '11] Nanosystem Design and Variability Workshop

Date: 18.03.11 from 9:00-17:00, Room: BC 04


Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:32
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