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TCL News

[Dec '13] Alexios Balatsoukas-Stimming receives Second Prize in the IEEE ICECS MSc/PhD Forum Best Paper Award for Full-Duplex Radio Demo

Congratulations to Alexios Balatsoukas-Stimming and his co-author Pavle Belanovic for the Second Prize in the MSc/PhD Forum Best Paper Award of the IEEE ICECS 2013 conference for their Poster and Live-Demonstration of a real-time True Full-Duplex Radio Link using National Instruments USPRs.




Posted by Andreas Peter Burg at 19:39
[Nov '13] TCL Organizes the nano-Tera Workshop on Energy Efficient Electronics at EPFL

The Nano-Tera Workshop on Energy Efficient Electronics and Applications (WEEE) features two days of lectures and keynote presentations on January 9/10 at EPFL and an additional day at the mountain resort of Leysin with further talks, PhD forum, and plenty of time for discussions and networking. More information, the detailed program, and registration are available at http://tcl.epfl.ch/WEEE .

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[Sep '13] Video on Our New Class/Lab on Digital System Design

In 2013 we have introduced a new class on the topic of Digital System Design in the 3rd year of the Bachelor program in Electrical Engineering at EPFL. In the corresponding lab, students practice their skills gained during class by realizing their own arcade games on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). This video was realized by students of the first edition of this class to share their experience and to show the outcome of some of their projects.

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[May '13] Keynote at SSoCC 2013

A. Burg gives a Keynote presentation at the Swedish System-on-Chip Conference in Ystad, Sweden discussing Challenges, Solutions, and Alternatives to SRAM for the Design of Embedded Memories.

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[Jan '13] Keynote at FETCH 2013

Near- and Sub-Threshold Design for Ultra-Low-Power Embedded Systems

A. Burg delivers a keynote at the FETCH 2013 conference in Leysin, Vaud, Switzerland, discussing various aspects of ULP circuit and system design, including application specific processors, multicore architectures, and standard-cell-based sub-VT memories.

Abstract and slides are available online.

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[Nov '12] Presentation of Semester/Master projects at TCL

TCL presents its new opportunities to conduct a semester or master project at the laboratory.
     Venue: Friday, 23.11.2012,  12:15-13:00,  ELG 010
         The presented projects are from the fields of:
                   -  quantum cryptography
                   -  full-duplex wireless systems
                   -  fault-tolerant communications
                   -  channel coding
                   -  60 GHz communication
To compensate for the loss of the lunch break, we will organize free pizza during the presentation

Posted by Georgios Karakonstantis at 18:00
[Oct '12] P. Meinerzhagen receives Intel Fellowship

Pascal Meinerzhagen was awarded the prestigious, highly competitive 2012-2013 Intel Fellowship for his work on embedded memories.

Posted by Georgios Karakonstantis at 14:34
[Jun '12] Our work in EPFL news

Our work " on the exploitation of the inherent error resilence of wireless systems and the design of energy efficient systems " makes it to the central EPFL-Engineering news.

Posted by Georgios Karakonstantis at 23:34
[Jun '12] 4th D43D Workshop

The 4th edition of the "D43D: Design for 3D Silicon Integration Workshop" will take place at the Movenpick Hotel Lausanne between June 25-27, 2012. Click here to go to D43D website.






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[Jun '12] Tutorial on MIMO at IEEE Summer School

A. Burg delivers a tutorial on "MIMO Receivers: from Algorithms to VLSI Architectures" at the IEEE Signal Processing Society Summer School on Compressive Sensing and MIMO Signal Processing Systems to be held at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 2nd through July 6th, 2012.

Posted by Andreas Peter Burg at 9:39
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