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TCL News

[May '12] Our work in the news

Our research in low-power circuits and systems for wireless body area sensor networks in collaboration with Embedded Systems Lab was presented by CNN as a research innovation on personal health wearable devices.

Posted by Georgios Karakonstantis at 21:27
[May '12] Marie-Curie Career Integration Grant awarded

The prestigious Marie-Curie Career Integration Grant has been awarded by the European Commision to G. Karakonstantis for the proposed project entitled "DARE: Cross-Layer Design of Adaptive, Reliable and Energy Efficient Systems".

Posted by Georgios Karakonstantis at 17:46
[May '12] Paper accepted in DAC 2012

The paper by G. Karakonstantis entitled " On the Exploitation of the Inherent Error Resilience of Wireless Systems under Unreliable Silicon" has been accepted at the prestigious 2012 Design Automation Conference (DAC) and is going to be presented on June 6, 2012 in San Francisco.

Posted by Georgios Karakonstantis at 12:26
[Apr '12] Keynote at IWSSIP 2012

From Marconi to Moore: Circuits and Systems for Communications - Still a Challenge?

A. Burg delivers a keynote at the IWSSIP 2012 conference in Vienna, describing current trends and future challenges in circuits and systems research for communications.

Abstract and presentation slide are available online.

Posted by Andreas Peter Burg at 16:30
[Mar '12] New Post-Doc Arrived

TCL welcomes a new research associate Pavle Belanovic in our group.

Pavle joins us from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) where he worked on distributed algorithms for wireless sensor networks. At TCL he will work in the experimental radio section of our laboratory.

Posted by Nicholas Alexander Preyss at 18:01
[Feb '12] Electronics Workbench

A new electronics workplace was established in ELG24. The workbench is equipped with all necessary tools for soldering and reworking THM and SMT components. We currently feature facilities for hot-air and iron soldering, a pneumatic solder paste dispenser, a microscope and various other tools for electronics works in an ESD protected environment.

Posted by Nicholas Alexander Preyss at 18:00
[Feb '12] Condor Cluster Extension

There are now a total of 202 parallel slots available in the TCL cluster, after extension of our condor cluster system by 10 new rack-mounted servers (Xeon E3-1270 Quadcore 3.4GHz).

Posted by Carl Christian Sten Dominic Senning at 17:10
[Jan '12] Beyond the Brick Wall of Complexity: Design Technologies for a New Era

Nano-Tera Workshop
Program and Registration: Website

Date: 16. - 20.01.2012, Room: BC 01

Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:59
[Oct '11] Talks from University of Thessaly

"Massively Parallel Programming Models Used as Hardware Description Languages: The OpenCL Case"

"Reliable Computing on Faulty Substrates: A Preliminary Study"

Prof. Nikos Bellas, Prof Christos Antonopoulos, University of Thessaly
Date: 13.10.2011 at 11:00, Room: INJ 218

Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:51
[Jun '11] Visit of Prof. Joseph Cavallaro

TCL will have the pleasure to host Prof. Joseph Cavallaro between June 20th to June 24th during the EE Summer Research Venue.

You can attend his talk on Monday, June 20th:
"Algorithms, Architectures, and Testbeds for Wireless Communication Systems"
Date: 20.06.2011 at 11:00, Room: SG0211

Posted by Jeremy Hugues-Felix Constantin at 16:41
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