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Good evening,

slide 60:
Why do we have [40,2] for the path 30->50->40?
Shouldn't we have [30,2]?

Posted by Raphaël Tagliani at 19:22
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ospf link failure

In the lecture for link state routing, why can't we pass to X5 a packet to A1? We could imagine X5 forwarding it to X3 and X3 forwarding it to A1. I know it is not optimal, but it seems to work.


Good luck for tomorrow.

Ghita Mezzour
Posted by Ghita Mezzour at 15:32
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Text of Midterms available on Website
The text of all three midterms is now available. See the news section of the course website.
Posted by Manuel Flury at 14:14
Exo 4.4 Q2
Exo 4.4 Q2
What is the definition of line utilisation.

Posted by Ramatou Abibou at 12:34
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Exo 4.3 Q2
I have a problem with question 4.3.2. The question is: is there a case where the first option bit should be considerded as an error? The answer says that in some cases, you need to set the option bit to 1. I don't understand the connection. Could you develop the answer please?
Posted by Ramatou Abibou at 12:08
exam rules
The exam is 3 hours.

All printed documents are allowed. Electronic equipment is not allowed except calculators.

You are not allowed to share your documents with anyone. Same goes for calculators.

You can write your solution in English, French or German.
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 11:12
Exo 4.2 Q5
Exo 4.2 Q5

Why the maximum size of the ip datagram is 2^16

is it total lenght is coded by 16 bit
Posted by Ramatou Abibou at 10:34
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Exam Material
The final exam is open-book, are we allowed books, e.g. references which are mentionned in slides?
Posted by Tony De Souza at 7:33
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Test1,2,3 and the solutions
Hello, is it possible to have the assignments of the Test that we have done during the semester and their solutions?
Posted by Maoan Zhou at 14:27
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Course material
It seems to me that we didn't talk in class about the part OSPF, LSA,... and the rest of the Link State module. We stopped at the slide 28.
So will these remaining slides of the Link State module be part of the exam?

And the same question for the end of the module on Bridges. Is the RSTP in the course material for the exam or not?

Posted by Frédéric Keller at 23:53
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