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tp time slots collision

To all tcp/ip course students:

Your colleague Karim Cherif has another school obligation during the second tp slot (16-18), so his group has to fit into the first time slot (14-16).

Is there any group willing to move from the first to the second slot, and make free space for his group? (please answer on the blog or by email to one of TAs)

Otherwise, maybe we will have to randomly choose and move another group from the first to the second slot in order to make space for Karim's group in the first slot. The slots you subscribed for are not granted, though we first tried to fulfill everyone's wish as much as possible. Priorities to the first slot will be given to the people that are subscribed to the course, and among them to those with officially proven other obligations during the second slot.

So, Karim, please provide us with an official proof that you have another school obligation during the second slot. If we have to choose randomly and if the chosen group doesn't have such a proof, that group will automatically be moved into the second slot.

Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic on Tuesday 31 October 2006 at 11:08