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TP3 - errata corrige

Hi all,
some corrections on the text of TP3:

-on page 5: in the script, the line that launches zebra should have the syntax:

zebra --user root --group root -d -f zebra.conf

-in order to use the command "show running-config" via telnet, you have to pass to privileged mode (that is, type "ena" on the telnet command line);

-on pages 9-10: for the command access-list, the prefix should be in the form (ip_address netmask).

-for the exercise on page 12-13, on question 2: in the case in which the TCP connection between AS 65099 and AS65101 goes down, we admit that the router in AS 65101, receiving two advertisements for network x.y.z.a/w with the same AS path length, it will choose the one passing through AS 65102.

Posted by Gianluca Rizzo on Thursday 7 December 2006 at 17:47
Question 2

I am a little confused. Aren't we talking about the path to 65100?

so we have two path to 65100: (65099) or (65099 65102 65101)

do we take the shorter one as you have written in your comment? or do we have to talk care of the preference and order settings in the configuration file?

thanks in advance.

Posted by Patrick Hammer on Wednesday 13 December 2006 at 9:32