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tp4: more hints for question on cwnd (page 10)

Let L be the list of things we (already) proposed to you to look at:

L={sending window, cwnd, offered window, scale option, in_flight variable}


1. ALL elements from L are important for the explanation

2. a good way to start is to express each of elements from L as function of all other elements from L on which it is dependand directly (as explained in the lectures and tp document itself); then look what are all the things that can constrain cwnd.

3. then have in mind the NUMERIC VALUE of cwnd that you observe in the experiment (printed by tcpsender) when tcp flow is stabilized, find other numeric values of elements from L that could constrain cwnd, and verify which of them actually do constrain cwnd (i.e which constraint is the most critical, i.e. which one is in action).
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic on Friday 26 January 2007 at 17:56