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typos in cc.pdf

Hi, I think I found some typos in cc.pdf :

p.6, first paragraph :
...Source i enters node i, uses links [(i + 1) mod I] and [(i + 2) mod I], ...

but this is not consistent with Figure 1.2 below, it should be :
...Source i enters node i, uses links [i mod I] and [(i + 1) mod I], ...

the same applies 2 lines below.

p.19 last line :
...then we must have u0 = 0.

but it should be
...then we must have u0 = 1.

otherwise, it won't be an increase anymore.

p.26 third point of the list :
additive increase, multiplicative principle is used

the word decrease is missing after multiplicative
Posted by René Giller on Wednesday 31 January 2007 at 17:17
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo on Wednesday 31 January 2007 at 18:06