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tp4 experiment 4


We tried to run after_restart.sh as written in the tp4 document, but there is no /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_congestion_control on any of computers we tried. What should we do?

Posted by Aleksandar Dragojevic on Wednesday 31 January 2007 at 21:47
make sure you do this on machine which is booted with new kernel you compiled.
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic on Thursday 1 February 2007 at 10:13
same problem the other way round: people who are at the beginning of the tp and get a similar error for tcp_bic. in this case you are running the modified kernel (because the group before you booted using this one and left the machine running) but you should run the standard one. Thus reboot and make sure the standard kernel gets loaded.
Posted by Manuel Flury on Thursday 1 February 2007 at 12:13