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Research Exos are Corrected

Most of you who handed in the research exercise did a good job, congratulations. However, the parts we considered most important (captive portal, overall solution) were generally answered with less care than the other questions. How we graded: if you answered most of the introduction modules well you got a bonus of 0.25. if you additionally explained the captive portal and the overall epfl solution very well, you got the full bonus of 0.5. We then ranked the people who got the full bonus and proposed to the best ones to make the presentation which can give an additional bonus of 0.5.

The bonuses are on display in front of bc260 (as usual, bring your sciper number along).
We also invite you to come and see us to get more feedback on your report.
Posted by Manuel Flury on Thursday 1 February 2007 at 13:47