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I'm not really sure that all of them are typos, but as they look strange to me, I put them here anyway...
The part between "" is taken from the slides and below, is the correction I propose.


"How: Define pk(i) as the cost of the best path from i to anywhere in at most k hops."
pk(i) is the attribute of a path, not its cost.

The top right link is labeled L14, but it should be L13.

"all bridges send a BPDU to neighbours every helloTimer ( = 2*2s = 4s)"
either a BPDU is send every helloTimer ( = 2s) or every 2 helloTimer( = 2*2s = 4s)


"Link A1-A2 fails, link X3-X6 is not in area 1."
It should be link X3-X5
"cannot pass to X5 a packet to A1 and to X3 a packet to A2"
should be from A1 and from A2 instead of to A1 and to A2

The figure lists routers A, C, F, F. It should be A, C, B, D

in area 1 topology database, the cost to n2 through the upper router is 34, not 22.


"Q2: describe the content of a packet from A to B visible at point 1."
There's no host B, but a server S.

"A2: contains an encrypted block of data inside a TCP packet with srce port=22, dest port=3456, IP srce=A, IP dest=S"
The port numbers are inverted., the src port on A is 3456 and the dest port is 22


"A: at 1 SA= DA=
at 2 SA=PREFIX:: DA=FEDC:BA98::7654:3210:"
1 and 2 are inverted. 1 is on IPv6 so it should have IPv6 src and dest. 2 is on IPv4 so it should have IPv4 src and dest.
Posted by René Giller on Tuesday 13 February 2007 at 19:12