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Access to the internet from lab inf 019
Hi all,
it seems that the access to the internet from lab 019 presents some problems, depending on the "epfl hub" from which it is done.
So our recommendation is to try to access to the internet from one of those hubs that seem to work.
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 14:25
Problem with the Lab

We have a small problem with the lab. When connected to the EPFL Hub/Router (we're not sure what it is) between work spaces 10 and 11 we can't even ping, which works when issuing exactly the same commands on a different cluster (e.g. work space 23). If it's a Hub, the connection between the EPFL hub and the router 100.100 must be down.


Christophe Gudin.
Posted by Christophe Gudin at 13:23
access to lab inf 019
please take into account at least one day between the registration to the course and the update of your access rights for lab INF 019.
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 10:49
Reminder: Deadline for Lab 1
Reminder: The deadline for handing in Lab1 is Nov 9 at 12:15 (in front of INM202) according to the lab rules posted on the website.
Posted by Manuel Flury at 8:56
Documents pour les labos
Comme vous le savez (le sifac a envoyé un mail avant le début des cours), nous (les étudiants de la faculté IC) n'avons plus accès aux imprimantes avant mi-novemvre. Avez-vous prévu d'imprimer le polycopié nécessaire au labos?

Posted by Raphaël Tagliani at 11:19
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tp time slots collision
To all tcp/ip course students:

Your colleague Karim Cherif has another school obligation during the second tp slot (16-18), so his group has to fit into the first time slot (14-16).

Is there any group willing to move from the first to the second slot, and make free space for his group? (please answer on the blog or by email to one of TAs)

Otherwise, maybe we will have to randomly choose and move another group from the first to the second slot in order to make space for Karim's group in the first slot. The slots you subscribed for are not granted, though we first tried to fulfill everyone's wish as much as possible. Priorities to the first slot will be given to the people that are subscribed to the course, and among them to those with officially proven other obligations during the second slot.

So, Karim, please provide us with an official proof that you have another school obligation during the second slot. If we have to choose randomly and if the chosen group doesn't have such a proof, that group will automatically be moved into the second slot.

Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 11:08
Welcome to the blog
Hi all,
welcome to the "TCP/IP Networking" course blog. Here you can submit questions regarding any aspect of teaching, rules, etc, as well as "technical" questions about an exercise or any subject taught in the course.
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 9:52
Hi TCP/IP folks,

As you might know or not,

there are paid summer-2006 projects available, for which you can apply:

They are for 6-12 working weeks, but the timing can be flexible if agreed with a responsible person?

If you are interested to practice you knowledge gained in TCP/IP course and work on networking of real email servers and clients applications in lab environment, and on adding, testing and improving of an antispam system we have developed, have look at the next project supervised by prof. Le Boudec and myself:

The guidelines and form to apply can be reached from the first two links given above.
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 14:31
Final Exam: Access to CESPO
as you know, the final exam will take place tomorrow (11/03/06) morining at CESPO.
It's well likely that all of you don't have the rights to access that building on saturday. So we will open the doors for you, at the entrance on the first floor which is the closest to the CESPO room.
Good luck.
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 16:44
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Problem 6, Exam 2004
Hi, I tryed to solve this question but I am not sure if I am in the right path.

To compute the throughput I am using the formula that considers the packet loss ratio ( Throughput = (L/T)(C/sqrt(q)).
Should I assume that B (since it is a router) after achieving the max capacity of link 2 starts dropping packets? Then consider that the packet loss it is 80%. If this is correct this packet loss is the same for both links? And we also should asume that the packet lenght is the same?

Thank you,
Posted by Ada Lezama Lugo at 15:03
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