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Midterm exam solution
Hi all,

The solution of the midterm can be found next to my office (BC204).

Posted by Ruben Merz at 10:17
TCP/IP-course-knowledge related semester/thesis project
If you are still interested in choosing or replacing already chosen
semester project, we have a good and new offer:

A TCP/IP-course-knowledge related semester/thesis project

It would be joint work with professor Le Boudec and me.
There is a possiblity (not obligatory for you) for extended paid work after the semester if the project goes well.

For more details see the project page, or come to my office to discuss:


(to get the project you should have done (relatively) good work in the
TCP/IP course up to now.)

Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 11:25
Solutions for exercises
if someone still does not have the solutions for the whole second set of exercises,
you can just come and pick them in my office (bc 260), at any time in office hours.
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 16:32
TP5 is online
You can obtain it from


Posted by Ruben Merz at 0:34
midterm grades histogram
is here:
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 11:27
TP4-BGP is online
TP4-BGP is online:


Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 15:54
Feed RSS
If you don't want to keep watch on the blog, here is the RSS Feed

Posted by Florian Jousset at 19:28
" Student Group number " list
TCP/IP 2005/2006

" Student Group number " list

(*) if you do not find yourself in alphabetic order, look at the end of the list

Aapro Laurent
Abdallah Farah B09
Ajil Mohamed Amine A18
Ayoumbi Zogning Gery Aurelien A31
Azeroual Tarek A03
Bany Daniel A23
Baritaux Jean-Charles B06
Bennani Abdi-Lah A14
Bertelli Luca
Bidiville Alain A10
Blochaou Enagnon François A27
Bolchanine Leonid
Bouij Imane B09
Bret Jean-Sébastien A17
Burret Nicolas A17
Buttu Andréa A01
Camacho José Alvaro B11
Chaabouni Rafik A29
Cherif Karim
Czub Tomasz A10
Dalcher Michael A21
Dan Delia A04
Deli Christopher B05
Derdiyok Cem B07
Di Venuto Céline A05
Dubouloz Luc A06
Dubuis Baptiste A27
Dufour Diego B01
Dütting Paul David A24
El-Sayed Islam A25
Fassnacht Thomas A08
Fernandez Castrillo Matias Marcelo A19
Galindo Guarch Francisco Javier B10
Gayral Sébastien B04
Giller René
Guignard Cyrille A04
Hernández Céline A01
Huynh Bao-Lan A29
Jafari Siavoshani Mahdi A07
Jousset Florian A20
Jovanovic Aleksandar A13
Kamangar Kamand A05
Karbasi Amin A07
Keller Lorenzo B11
Kolundzija Mihailo A28
Kozma Alexandre A09
Krichane Karim A06
Kunz Thomas A22
Lezama Lugo Ada A12
Lyard Jonathan A03
Magnin Amélie A02
Mardambey Karim B01
Marhoumi Fatima Ezzahra A26
Niculescu Dinu George A25
Osterlof Claes A09
Ouaret Nacereddine A18
Padovani Alice A19
Pasa Emanuele Alessandro A20
Randjelovic Zorana A13
Rat Benoit A31
Ravot Gaël A02
Reymond Pascal B07
Rhmari Tlemcani Omar A30
Rivera Diaz Giovanni A12
Romano Sébastien B06
Romero Carrasco Elena
Santaella Medina Álvaro B10
Schofield James B03
Sennhauser Alexander A21
Siddiqui Muhammad Shuaib A15
Skõld Magnus A24
Stähli Stefan B02
Tazi Amine A14
Terrier Johann A08
Testard Jeremy B04
Thurnherr Thomas A22
Touon Edingele Fils Noe Alexis B02
Tu Ge A15
Voelskow Michael B03
Yaïche Ahmed
Yerva Surender Reddy A30
Zhu Ke Wei A26

(*) Not on the official list:
Stojanovski Emil A28
Atchade Dotor B08
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 10:41
corrections of exercises

Is there a way to get the corrections of the exercises in pdf format?
If not is it still possible to have them printed?
Posted by Baptiste Dubuis at 19:50
Comments (3)

Exactly what are we allowed to bring to the midterm? Lecture notes? Books? Etc?

Posted by Christopher Deli at 17:00
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