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the text of the TP2 is available on the web from the course page

Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 18:55
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Solutions of exercises of section 1
Hi all,
solutions for all the exercises of section 1 are available (only in printed form) in front of Ruben's Office (BC 204).
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 16:18
Text for all in-class exercises
Hi all,
the text in pdf of all the exercises that will be done during in-class exercise sessions is now available on the course web page.
Please print it before coming to the next exercise session (thursday 3 November).
Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 17:00
Welcome to the TCP/IP class blog
Welcome to the TCP/IP class blog. The goal of this blog is to allow students to ask questions, receive news for the course and discuss any topics related with the TCP/IP course.

The url of the class is the following
You will be able to find pdf documents of the course slides, of the lab exercises and of the in-class exercises.

Posted by Ruben Merz at 19:01
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