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Midterm 3, Thursday: 12:30, inm202 and inm203
As usual the midterm takes place at 12:30 and we have two rooms at our disposal: inm202 and inm203
so please use both of them.

reminder: any electronic equipment (except a calculator) is NOT allowed. so print the slides before coming.
Posted by Manuel Flury at 16:16
Research Exo Report is in English
Please note that the research exercise report has to be written in English.
Posted by Manuel Flury at 16:10
typo problem cc.pdf
End of page 6 (cc.pdf):

"Then we have obviously λi = λ and λ'' i = λ'' for some values of λ' and λ' which we compute now."

Please indicate the correction.
Posted by Raphaël Tagliani at 15:53
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I think there might be a typo in the tutorial on cc.

On page 21, section 1.6.1

Shouldn't the equation 1.21 be without the 1-nixi? but as the one above and the next one (1.23)

mui * (nixi + ri) ?


Christophe Gudin.
Posted by Christophe Gudin at 19:49
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test 3
Is it the test 3 is only on congestion control.
Posted by Ramatou Abibou at 15:31
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research exercise
can i make the report of research exercise in frensh;

Posted by Ramatou Abibou at 13:34
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Research Exo Now Available
The research exercise is now available on the course website. The deadline is jan 29 at 17h. If you want to do the research exercise, please hand in (printed version to any of the assistants) your report before the deadline - late submissions will not be accepted.
Posted by Manuel Flury at 16:36
exercise 3

In the exercise 3, when we set up the preferences of the routers, all the routing tables converged. The paths chosen weren't the optimal ones that the routers would like, but they looked correct. For example, R1 had a direct path to R4 and not one going through R2 and R4.
Everything looked correct to us, so we don't know what's the problem that we need to fix. Any help?

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice vacation

Ghita Mezzour
Posted by Ghita Mezzour at 21:53
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ip as-path!!!

There's something we don't get. If we try some filtering with a simple acess-list and IP prefixes everything works as expected. Now if we simply replace the lines access-list with ip as-path access list, it simply denies everything, even if we have a permit any..... HELP!

Group A19
Posted by Christophe Gudin at 13:52
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cc-slides.ppt is not the same as cc.pdf !!!
Please be aware that additionally to the slides on congestion control, there also is a tutorial online (cc.pdf).
Posted by Manuel Flury at 18:07
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