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bellman-ford question
I'd like to know if somebody could explain me what's "pred(i)" and how to calculate it, because I don't remember, and moreover I've read the notes but I can't calculate it...I need help...I tried to do the exercise of page 14th of the slides(5.dv)

Could somebody help me?

Thank you very much.
Posted by Javier Sanchez Tamargo at 17:39
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iew closed dec 6 and only limited access dec 5
there is another course taking place in iew. for this reason it will be closed
in the afternoon of dec 6. further it will be partially closed in the afternoon of dec 5 and in the morning of dec 6 for the same reason.
i guess this shouldn't be too much of a pbl for any of you as lab 3 only starts on dec 7.
Posted by Manuel Flury at 18:10
getting TP1 and TP2 grades and reports
You can pickup your graded reports for tp1 and tp2:

- Tuesday 10-10:15 and 11-11:15 (BC260)
- Thursday 8-10 (during the office hours, BC260)
- Thursday, 5 min. before the test starts (in the room where the test will be)

Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 14:12
Routing exercises - printed solutions are available in front of BC260
they are available from now on...
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 17:09
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Grades for Prereq2
Grades of Prereq2 are now on display in front of office BC260 (on the left hand side of the door). You will need your Sciper number in order to know your grade.

51.26% of the class got a grade of 4 or above. The students with grades below 4 are strongly advised to revise the material of the prereq. Especially, how to make and read routing table entries, how arp works, what private addresses can be used for. Also routing table is not equal arp table! (few people still were not able to distinguish this!!!)
Posted by Manuel Flury at 15:46
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major update of course schedule
as already announced during todays lecture, there is a major update of the course schedule. Please see the course website for more details.
Posted by Manuel Flury at 15:33
today's course
i'm only auditor for this course and will not take part at the exam this afternoon. when will the course begin? at 13 without break until 14h?


Posted by Damien Perritaz at 8:09
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tp2 email server in iew room was down but is repaired now
the server was down from we do not know when (we got email from a student complaining about this yesterday evening) unitl today 10:50
Posted by Slavisa Sarafijanovic at 11:16
Test 1 on Nov 23?

Is there a test this week (23 Nov) as planned in the course schedule on the site?


Aleksandar Dragojevic
Posted by Aleksandar Dragojevic at 1:38
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Groups Composition IV
Hi all,
here is the situation, up to now. Please check if this corresponds to what you know.

Group Number Name/Section Name/Section
A1 Clivaz Jean-Philippe De Souza Tony
A2 Coulot Lionel Etzweiler Dominik
A3 Hammer Patrick Stampfli Oliver
A4 Aganovic Lajla Keller Frédéric
A5 Sutter Marcel Jaggi Andreas
A6 Scheibler Robin Etter Vincent
A7 Trefois Christophe Skoczylas Piotr
A8 Bai Lina Atchadé Dotou Omonléré
A9 Nguyen Hoang Minh Nguyen Anh Thu
A10 sanchez javier rodriguez alexandre
A11 butenko vitalijs
A12 Diaz Laurent Nguyen The Quang
A13 cotting gael Fuchs Raphaël
A14 Touré Mamadou barazzutti raphael
A15 Belmont Claire Kafsi Mohamed
A16 Ruffin Julien Richon Christophe
A17 Junod Cyril Yersin Antoine
A18 Kornaros Nikolaos Wafellman Jonathan
A19 Gudin Christophe Barbotin Yann
A20 Verkateshu arahky Tagg Joseph
A22 Do Yannick Mange Robin
A23 Cardona Roberto
A24 Stachowiak Robert Adamczyk Marek
A25 Lanouar Soumaya Kankwende Zazi Eric
A26 Ni Zhong Zhong Zhou Maoan
A27 Ekman Sara Zhu Ke Wei
A28 Hotz Andreas Brusick Grégory

Group Number Name/Section Name/Section
B1 Aribuki Ayodeji Olusola signe patricia
B2 Slama Mohamed Slim Renaud Loïc
B3 Choukir Amine Chekir Ali
B4 Dubut Frederic Variu Lucian
B5 Domingues Sergio De Lamarter Erik
B6 Arendas Csaba
B7 Stumpf Philipp Töws Johann
B8 Tassi Pierre Ham Marc
B9 Terzin Luis Imseng David
B10 Zheng Da Tarek Shafik
B11 Dragojevic Aleksandar Milosevic Zarko
B12 Cherif Karim Moriyama Yusuke
B13 Sède Michel Garreb Jaouher
B14 Hamidi Hani Franck Paule
B15 Gürcay Kamil Emre Gahbiche Wassim
B16 Getin Feride Diatchka Kremena
B17 Mingard Patrick Tagliani Raphaël
B18 Imhoff Lionel Rosat Damien
B19 Coqueugniot Cyril Gulati Asheesh
B20 Lin Cong Mansour Nebil
B21 Vratonjic Nevena Bénézit Florence
B22 Irzak Olga
B23 Droz-dit Busot Arnault Bidiville Yvan
B24 Bennani Ziatni Hatim Ajil Yassine
B25 Beffa Clément Verardi Donato
B26 Zrioui Jamal
B27 Mezzour Ghita Aboussaoud Selma Soraya

Group Number Name/Section Name/Section
C1 Stewart Conail
C2 Montavon Grégoire Merdassi Beyrem
C3 Al-Muslemani Ahmed El Ghandour Ibrahim
C4 Ruchet Stephane Paquier Micaël
C5 Ramareddy Sammy
C6 Pattisapu Prakash
C7 Suter Adrian
C8 Bérard Joseph Cetin Feride
C9 Conus Christian Conus Pascal
C10 Giller René Hu Liang
C11 Papaioannou Aristidis Perritaz Damien
C12 Schönmann Patrick Tiambo Murielle Ange
C13 Sajjadpour Mahdi Bostanipour Behnaz
C14 Ghazale Hosseinabadi
C15 Rosales Muñoz José Antonio Jose Carlos Nuñez Negrillo

Posted by Gianluca Rizzo at 17:24
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