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Carolina Osorio appointed assistant professor at MIT

Carolina Osorio, who defended her PhD thesis last April in our lab, has been appointed Assistant Professor at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (school of Engineering) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, starting September 1st.  

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Aurélie Glerum wins the prize of the Best Masters Thesis in the field of Operations Research

Aurélie Glerum, who recently joined our lab, has won the prize of the Best Masters Thesis in the field of Operations Research, awarded every year by the Swiss Operations Research Society, for her thesis entitled "Markov Decision Processes for Services Opportunity Pipeline Optimization".

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Zachary Patterson appointed Assistant Professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Zachary Patterson, who was postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory until August 2008, will be joining the Department of Geography, Planning and the Environment at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada as Assistant Professor. The position is earmarked for as a Tier II Canada Research Chair in "Transport Land-Use Linkages for Regional Sustainability."

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Ilaria Vacca receives the second prize of the doctoral poster award

The Research Commission of the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering has organized a poster competition for doctoral students in the context of the 2010 Research Day on Living with Risks : How to Build New Forms of Expertise. More than 70 posters have been prepared and evaluated. Ilaria Vacca, who is doing her PhD in our laboratory, received the second prize of this competition for her poster on the optimization of container terminal operations.

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Carolina Osorio receives her PhD

Carolina Osorio has defended her PhD thesis on April 16, 2010. The title is Mitigating network congestion: analytical models, optimization methods and their applications. The manuscript is (or will soon be) available here.

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Articles ranked in the Top 25 of Elsevier

Four papers by members of our lab are ranked in the Top 25 Hottest Articles of the Journal Transportation Research Part B for the period January-March 2010:


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Welcome to Aurélie Glerum

 Aurélie Glerum holds a Masters in Mathematics from EPFL. She has joined the laboratory on April 1st. She is starting a PhD thesis, focussing on the development of new discrete choice models to analyze complex data. 

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Welcome to Prem Kumar

Prem Kumar holds a PhD in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India. He is specialized in operations research, with special emphasis on airlines operations. He has joined the TRANSP-OR laboratory on March 1, 2010.

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Discrete Choice course

The discrete choice analysis course took place from February 7 to 11 at EPFL, with 36 participants. The lecturers were Moshe Ben-Akiva (MIT) and Michel Bierlaire (EPFL) (click here for more details)

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Speranza and Gupta in Zinal

The operations research seminar in Zinal took place last week, from January 17 to 2§. We had the great opportunity to benefit from excellent lectures by Maria Grazia Speranza (University of Brescia, Italy) and Anupam Gupta (Carnegie Mellon University).


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