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Report Week 3

This weeks activities are summarized below.

Literature Study
> Continued Image registration but gave up quickly after realizing theres not much matching and tracking thats involved.
> Tried to understand harris corners, more with demos than theory.

Research - in line with discussion with Greg
> trying to get all edges of an image to be clearly represented. Mainly playing around with imageJ and trying out few things.
> Blob approach, getting to fill out cubes and treat them as blobs and see if I can get any metrics out of them. Blobs are formed....analyzing them and getting metrics is added to next weeks activity.
> Detecting corners, tried to implement and iterative algorithm but found that harris method already exists and a very good implementation of it by Peter Kovesi. Trying to see if I can use it and get any info out f images.

Activities planned for next week
> Define some form of metrics and try and extract them from the processed images.

Harsha U.B.
Posted by Harsha Umesh Babu on Friday 9 May 2008 at 16:43