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Testbed update
- There are 24 operating nodes in WASAL testbed.
- Node in BC232 doesn't work properly - most probably it's a problem with the Ethernet plug (need to check this by replacing node from BC 232 with one that is functioning OK elsewhere).
- There are no tinynodes deployed with 50 Ohm resistors (as a replacement for antennas).
- The nodes.conf file is correct and up-to-date (there were 9 nodes misconfigured - wrong IP to MAC address mapping)
Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 19:20
the deployment of nodes without antenna
We deployed nodes with 100 ohmic resistance.
The rooms are shown as below.

Posted by Yusuke Moriyama at 13:57
TinyOS 2.0 installation on Debian
1) Copy SDK and javacomm .tgz files from http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/. Unpack, copy to the /usr/lib/j2se (or other) directory and update the environment variables
2) Go to http://www.tinyos.net/tinyos-2.x/doc/html/install-tinyos.html and get all the rpms
3) use alien (apt-get install alien) to convert them to debian packages
4) Follow the instruction at the link in 1) to install them using dpkg
Posted by Jacques Panchard at 18:34
Testbed occupancy extension
I'd like to use the testbed over the weekend. Tell me if there is any problem with that.
Posted by Jacques Panchard at 18:04
Testbed reservation 24-25 August
Call me if there is a conflict with your own needs: 079 775 54 50
Posted by Jacques Panchard at 15:01
Removed antennas and new naming
I've removed antennas from TinyNodes deployed in the following rooms:
BC 245, BC 244, BC 232, BC 230, BC 229, BC 209, BC 207, BC 202, BC 201, BC 267, BC 263, BC 258, BC 256.

I will put them back at the end of the next week.

I've also changed the nodes.conf file so that the DNS-like naming of wasal nodes corresponds to the spatial location of a node, e.g. a node deployed in BC 209 is named "wasal-nodeN1" and in BC 241 is named "wasal-nodeS4". All the nodes are named clockwise.

Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 20:31
Testbed reservation
The testbed will be in use the whole next week (14-19 August) by me, Aristidis and Yusuke. Feel free to contact one of us in case you need the testbed.

Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 20:25
Testbed reservation
Hi all,

Starting from the 8th to the 13th of August the testbed will be extensively used by Michal, Aristidis and Yusuke for tests. Please contact me in case you want to use the testbed in that period.

Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 17:10
TinyNodes for Demo
Hi all,

I took 9 TinyNodes (without ext. boards) from the testbed from the following rooms:
BC201, BC232, BC241, BC249, BC252, BC254, BC256, BC260, BC263.
So please don't be surprised this week while using the testbed. I'll return them once I'm back from the conference (this Friday).

Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 21:35
Anshul Gupta and PC5
Hi guys,
Anshul Gupta juste arrived for a 3 months internship at EPFL.
He will be working on Commonsense during this period.
He will be using the PC lca2-s1-pc5 that I had installed 2 weeks ago.
Posted by Jacques Panchard at 16:43
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