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How to Install tinyOS on Debian
1) Go to IBM website to get the SDK and Javacom packages

2) Use the Debian packages found at: http://thomer.com/tinyos

3) Download the tinyOS tree from sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/cvs/group_id=28656)

4) Set the PATH and CLASSPATH variables manually in the tinyos user home directory. Copy the contents of $(TOSDIR)/tools/scripts/tinyos.sh.in in a .profile file of the home directory and add the following line at the end of the .bashrc

if [-f .profile]; then
. .profile

5) Follow the instructions in $(TOSDIR)/contrib/shockfish/README to install the msp430 toolchain

6) copy /tools/java/jni/libgetenv.so to the IBMJava/jre/bin directory
Posted by Jacques Panchard at 16:07
cvs for testbed up and running
hi guys,

i've just set up the cvs for all the docs related to the testbed.

all final versions of the docs will be published on the blog, but for now, when the things are still wake i propose to use the cvs platform.

the module name is: wasal-testbed
all the details on how to setup and use the cvs at icsil1you can find here:

aristidis - i have re-activated your cvs account you have used while working on the sc250 project.

Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 10:58
Updated inventory
Here is the updated inventory.
However, if we intend to manage documentation and code, I'm note sure a blog will be the best solution.
CVS is a must, but it not designed for web browsing.
What do you think, Michal?
Posted by Jacques Panchard at 10:30
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Picotux as Mote Server
At this stage, two devices are being considered for use as Serial Device (in this case, Mote) Servers :
- Kleinhenz Elektronik's Picotux 112 (http://www.picotux.com/ , http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS8386088053.html)
- Digi International's Digi One SP (http://www.digi.com/products/externaldeviceservers/digionesp.jsp)

Whereas the latter provides a complete software solution including virtual serial ports, the former is simply a Linux-like device with the following attributes :
- 55 MHz 32-bit CPU (ARM7DMI)
- RS232 Port
- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port (http://www.digi.com/products/embeddedmodules/digiconnectme.jsp) with 4MB Flash Memory
- 8 MB RAM
- Operating system : uClinux 2.4.31pre (http://www.uclinux.org/)

At the time of writing, I'm particularly interested in Picotux since developping software for it will be much more easy than for any Digi device, and suggest the following scheme :

PC <===== RJ45 =====> Picotux <=====RS232=====> Mote

We could probably save lots of programming effort by using leightweight versions of existing Linux software, such as :
- SSH server (http://www.mirrors.wiretapped.net/security/cryptography/apps/ssh/dropbear/dropbear.html or
- ASH Shell (http://cvsweb.netbsd.org/bsdweb.cgi/src/bin/sh/)

Therefore, updating software on the motes could be made by executing the following steps :

0. Code & Cross-compile software on the PC
1. Establish SSH Connection from the PC to Picotux
2. Transfer compiled program on Picotux using SCP
3. Transfer program from Picotux to Mote

However, the following are needed in order to implement such a solution :
- Cross-compiler toolchain for :
- Picotux (target : armeb-unknown-linux-uclibc, or arm-unknown-linux-gnu, etc.) [see below]
- Mote (Provided with tinyOS)
- SSH API for Java (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sshtools/)
- BOOTP Server for mote initialisation (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc951.txt and ftp://ftp.uk.linux.org/pub/linux/Networking/netkit/)

So, let me know what you think :-)
Posted by Aristidis Papaioannou at 14:09
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WASAL Inventory
Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 11:08
Welcome to the WASAL blog
Welcome to the Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor and Actuator networks Laboratory blog.

There are few goals of this blog:
1. To keep track of the WASAL evolution
2. Use it as an electronical Lab-Book
3. To allow all students that are working in the lab or are willing to work there to ask questions, receive news and discuss any topics related with the WSANs
4. And many more ...
Posted by Michal Piorkowski at 12:33
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