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Ecoinvent v3.1 water balance in SimaPro

I did a bit statistical analysis of water balance in ecoinvent cut-off 3.1 version in SimaPro. What's shown is the difference between water emitted to air and "W-R", a.k.a. 

[water emitted to air ( consumption)  /  (water withdrawal- water release) - 1] *100% 

It looks like water difference of ~7000 (out of 13000, >50%) processes are within 10% (+/-), another 6000 processes have much bigger difference. I suspect this might be caused by the following two factors: 
1. Properties: Water embodied in mass properties ( e.g irrigation water, tap water, wastewater, etc) 
2. Boundary:  Issue related to boundary of water flows accounting, i.e. should salt water , turbined water being considered into the water balance
If boundary is okay, it suggests water in mass properties have to be carefully considered in order to do a proper water balance accounting. 
How do you think? If you'd like to comment, pls send an email to me :  xun.liao@epfl.ch 
P.S. I'm in disucssion with ecoinvent to figure out what's the best way to calculate water consumption. Stay tuned. 
Posted by Xun Liao on Wednesday 2 September 2015 at 19:57